5 Ideas to Décor your Luxury Living Room

5 Ideas to Décor your Luxury Living Room – Srijan Interios

living room is a fine home interior design choice for any Indian home. Here are five designs that you can seek inspiration from.

home interiors is a perennial style that blends with other major interior design styles and ideas seamlessly. Be it ultra-minimal graphic prints, sharp lines or simply metal finishes, contemporary living room designs often transform into different styles and personalization’s. It can well take the shape of monochromatic color palettes in the black, white, and grey range, or simply work as a pop of color and art where needed.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to give a contemporary flair to your house, start with the living room. A living room sets the tone for styling the rest of the house. Here are some contemporary living room design tips to help you get started.

Create Interesting Color Contradictions in Your Living Room – Décor your Luxury Living Room

5 Ideas to Décor your Luxury Living Room
5 Ideas to Décor your Luxury Living Room

Contemporary living rooms need not be monotone white and grey. It in fact allows you to experiment with different living room designs and styles as per your own tastes and décor styles. Many confuse contemporary living room design ideas with modern styles and end up with white and grey homely spaces. However, if you are stuck with white and grey walls, you can still make the most of it with a contemporary sofa for the living room.

For instance, this lovely red lounge sofa adds a striking contrast to the dark greys in this room. Using a key piece of furniture in your contemporary living room is a great way to add more life to the space.

Living Room With Minimalist Lighting – Décor your Luxury Living Room

If adding a striking red lounge sofa, as seen above, is too loud or fancy for you, you can choose to raise the bar with minimalist lighting fixtures for creating your own contemporary-style living room.

For instance, the TV unit shown in the image is minimal in design and is best complemented by the array of wall lighting besides the unit to make the space more warm and cozy for those living in it.

Grey And Yellow Living Room – Décor your Luxury Living Room

Creating layers of texture is one of the popular contemporary living room ideas. Many interior designers recommend using geometric patterns, subtle colors, and a combination of different materials to create texture. It is important to understand that texture is not only about using patterns or shapes.

For instance, this living room creates visual stimulation with its textured brick-clad wall, patterned rug and geometric design drapes. What’s so fun with contemporary styles is the amount of color play it allows, simply put, this hearty mix of evergreen greys and yellows in this contemporary living room adds to the visual aesthetic of the space.

Play With Wall Designs For Living Room

Lighting is one thing that you can go overboard with in a contemporary living room. Wooden paneling, as seen in the image, along with larger-than-life contemporary paintings for the living room make the space more personalized and grand in design. You can even add a highly sculptural chandelier as a statement piece to elevate the elegance of your contemporary-style living room.

The best part about contemporary living room designs is the overall play of designs, textures and patterns in your space. Be it colorful décor, wall-clad designs, wallpapers or simply the grey and yellow sofas (as shown in the image), modern contemporary living rooms allow for a fresh makeover to the space.

Living Room With Wooden Furnishings

When it comes to a contemporary living room, wood is always on the top of the designer’s preferred materials. Wooden TV consoles and coffee tables when arranged with contemporary living room elements like intricate wall hangings create a cohesive space mixing modern and transitional elements.

For instance, this contemporary TV unit design for the living room features a swivel TV unit that can be turned 180 degrees to the other side of the living room, making it a multi-functional TV unit and contemporary in aesthetics.

A contemporary living room design is a perfect mix of warm and cool elements featuring crisp layouts, varying color palettes and artistic pieces. It can have vintage and antique décor, personalized wall designs or simply a monotoned home with striking color contrasts.

Take your pick from our curated list here and enjoy a living room like never before.